Why SR Trading?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the promise that S.R. Trading,s people and products can lift your productivity. If you still need convincing, ponder these facts.

Life Time Support:

S.R. Trading, A name carved high on the shield of construction history of Bangladesh, started its journey way back in 1982 with a high hope to see its name aligned with the proud members engaged in building the nation. Ever since it stepped into the world of construction business it never had to come back despondently for the tasks it completed for, it set such a standard for himself, which, as a matter of fact, describes the core criterion of this business- "the quality" as a line of contour. As a founder member of the organization, I have been watching how S.R. Trading, started rolling and how it grew stronger as the time progresses through its work and commitment to the nation. The contingent of S.R. Trading consists of hundreds of skilled professionals and a great number of those have their pouch full of experience of working in places like Kuwait, Malaysia, Iraq, Srilanka and so on. Any difficult situation they come up against. No matter how dashed it may be, they. with their knowledge and skill. easily fix it up. With these work-forces holding all the limbs of S.R. Trading together. it is now standing right on top of this realm where the name S.R. Trading entails only one thing- and that is quality .

With S.R.Trading, you,re not just buying heavy equipment for today. You,re buying a lifetime of support. Over 2 million parts are available through our network, including those for a range of other manufacturers construction machineries, and all other equipments & machines. We promise rapid dispatch of orders, with 96% stock availability on demand. You have the choice of a complete fleet management program and finance, so all your problems become ours. And we have skilled technician and engineers and on-site maintenance to ensure a maximum of uptime.

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